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i beg you to repeal this law and allow all married couples the same protections. >> a man that lost his partner pleads with lawmakers to get rid of law that says marriage is only between a man and woman. dianne feinstein holds hearings today. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. and in overturning the law known as doma. >> feinstein is the author of the act that picked up the endorsement of president obama. the senate committee was divided
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along lines. >> it would overturn the current law of law the defense of marriage act. and would allow them to have the same benefits. she said it's equally point out what the bill would not do. >> it would not obligate any stated or locality to perform a marriage in the same sex or allow a state to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state. >> they passed doma to from. it also requires the federal government to recognize marriages between a man and a woman. one witness says the support of doma by lxd officials appalling and baffling. >> some of our representatives and senators who are there to
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protect the minority are allowing us to become the victims of the majority. >> reporter: republicans pointed out that some states have passed legislation nations civil unions providing same benefits that heterosexual couples receive. it's an example of political correctness gone awry. >> it would have to be recognized in those many states that have determined that marriage is what it's always been and with that comes a very forced political correctness. >> reporter: the respect for marriage act has no chance of passage in the republican controlled house of representatives but feinstein says she is confident one day it will pass. san francisco police are gearing up for tonight's meeting an angry community over an officer's killing of a suspect.
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parolee was shot to death and at protest last night they arrested more than 40 people. new information that is coming out in the investigation. >> police are aware there is community outrage over this issue and that is why they are holding a meeting in the bayview tonight. there have been other protests over the issue but last night was a destructive one but others have been peaceful and they are questioning whether they really care about the issue or more interested in causing trouble. >> protestors' cause does not have anything to do with the mission or castro district. they threw paint and threw a hammer at an officer and broke a window at castro and 18th very stleetsd. as they surveyed the damage, residents were wondering this morning what the protestors were even doing here.
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>> castro is more about love and peace, not violence. >> police say this is not necessarily the same group of people that have been calling attention to this cause from the beginning. they say the group that requested a permit isn't from the bay view. >> this on organization has been around to us and known to us by many years. they take on causes and exercise their first amendment. >> right police officers who shot harding insist he fired on them first but some at the scene question whether he was armed especially since police did not recover a gun from the scene. but tonight officers were l present the community with evidence they believe proves they were justified in shooting harding including the fact there is a video of a gun lying on the ground near his body and that they found gun residue on his
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hand. police commissioner joe marble says it's compelling. >> what i heard and what i've read, it seemed like the officers were returning fire because they were fired upon. he. >> he will be one of the moderators tonight's meeting. some people in the bay view say they are hoping for a productive night. >> the meeting will be good and bring people together and everything will work out so we can address this problem. >> the meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 at bay view opera house. police chief will be here. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." thanks very much. east palo alto police are cooking down on a new round of violence after a third death in the last 24 hours. the statistics five homicides so far this year, compared to four
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in all of 2010. nick smith joins us from palo alto. >> good morning. crime is up in east palo alto and east palo alto police department they don't like that. they want to do all they can to assuage fears and concerns they have a summer plan. >> they are investigating the shooting of a man that was killed in illinois avenue in east palo alto. he was shot impossible times before the suspect fled. this is five days after katherine fischer a 19-year-old was shot and killed while sitting in a parked car. just last night, officers responded to this block where a 26-year-old man was found lying face down after sustaining several gunshot wounds. he would die this morning.
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they want to shake the stigma of high crime in the community and have announced a summer violence reduction plan. >> its community problem. so working with the community, the summer violence reduction program and staying our path, working towards our common goal, we will make a difference. >> reporter: that common goal includes partnering with the san mateo county gang task force to enforce warrants that have already been issued and target high crime areas. if want to see the complete plan go to our website at yosemite park officials say three hikers were swept over a famous water fall and presumed dead. park rangers say the hikers were on a day trip when they went under needs a metal guardrail.
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there was unsuccessful search at merced river below and they have closed the trail that leads to the falls. it has created spectacular water falls but treacherous conditions at yosemite. six people have died in water related dhins year. >> bicycle on a bicyclist is in critical condition following an accident with a delivery truck. police say the cyclist was in her 20s and she was making aning turn on fremont street. the woman was not wearing a helmet and police say her injuries are life-threatening. the it took place in a busy intersection. it backed up traffic and on to the bay bridge. >> in santa clara county, the highway patrol is looking for the driver of a van who left the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash about 6:00 this morning. we were over the scene on southbound 101 south of the
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expressway. the driver is man wearing brown utility work clothes. >> fire investigators are trying to determine if a fire that damaged 11 u-haul trucks was arson. the fire completely destroyed seven trucks and damaged four others. investigators say they haven't pinpointed a cause but u-haul officials have their suspicion. >> i don't want to speculate but we have had gas thieves in the past. if i had to make a guess and purely a guess i would think someone was trying to get my gas. >> the facility does have security cameras and investigators will be looking closely at those. no one was injured. >> just ahead, in london, britain prime minister defends his record and his staff after hugh granted wins a legal
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victory involving a tabloid. >> up next, you'll never believe what a new survey uncovered about disabled parking placards issued by california.
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investor carl icahn is raising his offer for clorox. it's now $10.7 billion or $80 a share that is more than his
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initial bid. the first bid was rejected a couple days ago. i con says he believes shareholders should decide whether to accept the offer. clorox acknowledged they got an offer and reviewing it. >> the department of motor vehicles says 60,000 of more than 2 million disabled parking placards may be sent to dead people. they conduct records every two years and it misses many of those people. overall one-third placards are being used illegally. the latest rounds of debt talks are set to begin at the nation's capital in less than an hour. president obama has called democrats to the white house in talks about raising the debt ceiling. they would not say why republicans weren't included in the meeting.
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it comes as a new bipartisan plan has starred to emerge from the senate. it would cut the deficit by $4 trillion and has the president's support. ethics committee has named a washington lawyer as outside county to investigate maxine waters. waters is accused of trying to obtain a federal bailout for a bank that her husband owned stock in. >> in britain they grilled the prime minister over a phone hacking scandal. david cameron defended the editor of news of the world tabloid. they are one of ten people arrested. cameron said both conservatives and liberals fail to see key developments in the hacking case and courted rupert murdoch who owns the did he funk tabloid.
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>> they wanted to put a stop to the illegal practices to make sure the effectiveness of the police and to establish a more healthier relationship between politicians and media owners. >> also u.s. attorney general eric holder is opening to meeting with families with members of the 9/11 attack with allegations that murdoch hacked into their phone records. and they will let actor hugh grant whether he was one of the phone hacking victims. they ordered him to hand over information and his grm girlfriend where a private investigator intercepted phone messages. mike nicco has the forecast. >> let's take a look outside. beautiful day if you like the sunshine as we look toward the
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east bay, a lack of clouds but not much in the way of pollution. we're going to have a hot day with clean air and we got a game at 12:45 today. >> if you are not going to the game, maybe a walk today. two bay area cities ranked as most walkable in the can country. >> the n.f.l. walkout puts a player's dream on hold.
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two bay area cities are ranked as the most walkable in the u.s.. >> boston chicago and philadelphia round out the top five. the cities are ranked on how easily they can walk to amenities. survey was down by a seattle company. >> and it will be hikeable in san francisco with all the hills. >> i'm sure we would win that one. we probably would win the one with the best weather in the country. it's not too who had here but a friend of mine sent this from quad city. there are four cities in illinois and iowa that are on river. they had heat index of 131. this is direct sunlight but that
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is white camry with light tan interior and it says 178 degrees. how hot it can get in a car in direct sunlight. how hot it is. >> back here at home, we have hot weather too but nothing like that. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, looking to the south way off in the distance you can see ocean beach no clouds. let's talk about the temperatures that are hanging around. we are running about 56 in half moon bay to low to mid-70s around the bay shore and low to mid 80s inland. temperatures are about 6-12 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. santa cruz, 61 to 72 in watsonville and 85 in gilroy. so highlights, warmest afternoons we got them today and tomorrow. the clouds, watch for these on friday morning. when they start to come back
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that is when the sea breeze takes over and that will affect our afternoons by bringing other temperatures cooler than average for friday, saturday, sunday and monday and tuesday. oakland five degrees cooler, six in concord and fremont and santa rosa, 8 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. low to mid 90s throughout the east bay vfls, with 91 in danville, 80 in oakland, a lot of mid-70s around berkeley and hayward. everybody else in the low to mid-80s. low 80s sunnyvale and milpitas. on the peninsula, mid-70s for san mateo low to mid-80s elsewhere. you can see the 70-degree weather along the coast. downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 70s with low 90s to the north bay valleys with mid to upper 50s and sunshine at your beaches. 80 in santa cruz a watsonville. 90 in hollister, morgan hill.
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day game at 12:45, 64 warming up to 70 degrees. rest of the state is getting warm too, low to mid 90s in the central valley. 111 in palm springs and yosemite about 88. tonight we'll see a few more clouds around the coast and few will spill into the bay. upper 50s and low 60s hanging out in the east bay valleys. here is the area of high pressure that will dominate our weather today and tomorrow and storm track is well to the north and temperatures will remain above average and then look at friday, they drop saturday sunday and monday coolest 10-15 depress. >> ford is recalling more than 20,000 pickup trucks and suvs because of the defective switch can cause a turn lights and brake lights to fail. it affects certain 2004 through
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2011 ranger pickups and ex curse suvs and 2002 through 2007 f-150 350 and 550 trucks. ford says it knows of know accidents or injuries. they will notify dealers and replace switches for free. >> the n.f.l. one kind of rookie is getting a differed deal. he was drafted by buffalo bills. he would have been on the way to making a million dollars. so he is spending his time cutting grass and doing yard work in the neighborhood he is grew up and taking orders from his godfather instead of his coach. >> just got to keep him employed. his job is to keep his arms. >> i love doing the yards, cutting the grass and pulling weeds. it eases your mind.
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>> there are plans that walkout could be coming to the end. owners are scheduled to vote on a labor agreement contract tomorrow. right now she only landscaper in birmingham, alabama with his own trading card. >> we'll be right back. 
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